August 18, 2014

Posture and Pain - Musicians and the Alexander Technique

A musician is in pain and recently wrote to me for a lesson time. However, he's working so many hours he doesn't have time to come in. Catch 22...

Sound familiar?

I wrote to him, offering some times and suggested that it's a matter of priorities.

I told him this story (true!):

Last month, I taught a series of five workshops for Music at Menlo. I had a group of 44 young chamber musicians, ages 11 – 27.

Many of them had tension problems or pain, in fact...

Even the 11 year old had pain...

I worked with them as much as possible in the time allotted, and many of them noticed a difference very quickly. Young people recover quickly when they unwind tension and undo poor posture.

I left them with this message.

If there is ONE thing you take away from this workshop it’s that:

It’s not supposed to hurt!
Apply what we’ve learned here.
But if you are in pain, Please Get Help.


Not only isn’t it supposed to hurt, it doesn’t HAVE to hurt.

Many times, pain in playing is connected with posture. Alexander Technique has helped many musicians improve their posture and play without pain. Did you know, it is required study at Juilliard, in fact, you'll see FIVE Alexander teachers listed on their site.

Make the time...please...

If you're in the Peninsula/South Bay, call me. If you're me! I'll connect you with someone in your local area.



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July 23, 2014

Can You Wear Your Posture to Work?

Hello Friends,

Have you seen the new posture shirt?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get dressed in the morning and wear your posture to work?

Whose responsibility is your posture, anyway?

Is it okay to take over your own back muscles with a shirt, so that your muscles can relax and not be used? What will happen to them if you never use them?

I agree that support is helpful as a reminder. However, it's not a substitute for the body we're born with and are supposed to be able to use, right out of the box, nothing added.

Here's an article in today's Wall St. Journal: Scientific Evidence on Posture Shirts

I agree with some of the ideas, and not others. I do think that such a shirt is a good reminder to be upright.

From the article – yes, to this: "While the shirts may help provide a boost for some,

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July 11, 2014

Bending over babies and backache

One of my students came in today saying the hardest thing is bending over the bathtub to bathe her two year old.

Watch this really cute video and pick up some tips on picking up babies. If you have trouble putting this into practice in real life, consider taking a series of Alexander lessons. It's like any other physical activity; hands-on guidance, as you see in this video, is the most effective way to learn.

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June 29, 2014

Posture and Poise, Walking in Heels!

We went walking in heels today!

Heard at the end of class: "When can we do this again?"

How much fun! I just love the way it feels to be tall and poised in heels. There's truly something to it...and it was fun working with the ladies this afternoon.

Posture was probably #1 or #2 on the list for reasons to come.

What concerns would you like to address in the next class?

If you didn't make it to class today for some UNBELIEVABLE reason, then come to the next one! Stay in touch and "Like" the Facebook page.

Let me know; why do you like heels and what keeps you from wearing them?

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June 29, 2014

Today! Posture and Poise, Walking in Heels!

What are you doing today?

Come to an amazing class for posture and poise, walking in heels!

Taught by Alexander Technique teacher and Ballroom Dancer, Dana Ben-Yehuda

Learn to walk more comfortably in heels of any height.
You can start small and grow tall - bring your shoes, even a 1" heel is good.

at Cheryl Burke Dance studio, Mt. View, 12:30 - 2 pm, Sunday June 29th

link for info:

Cheryl Burke Dance, 1400 No. Shoreline Ave. Mt. View 650-864-9150

90 minutes that will transform your relationship with shoes!

Learn to walk tall and be elegant in heels
$25 at the door

see you there!

in heels :) 5583_shoes.jpg

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June 26, 2014

How I learned to walk in story

How I learned to walk in heels - sharing my story....and how Better in Stilettos® came to be. logo-facebook-cover.jpg
You'd never know it to look at me today, but I wasn’t always able to walk in heels. I had the wobbles and lacked confidence. I just never felt comfortable in heels.

Yet I loved them.

Have you ever looked into your closet and despaired at the unused racks of glorious, beautiful, but ever-so-lonely, heels?

Despair no more!

Don't leave your gorgeous shoes to die of loneliness in your closet!

Let me share how I've helped myself feel wonderful in heels.

Come learn how to be comfortable and elegant, sexy and beautiful in heels.

Come to class this Sunday at Cheryl Burke Dance in Mt. View.

90 minutes that will transform your relationship with shoes!

If I can do it, why not you? This is my story...

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May 19, 2014


5583_shoes.jpg Friends! Fashionistas! Ladies who love heels!

If you missed Sunday's Better in Stilettos® class, stay tuned for another one in late June!

From a participant - thank you, Mercedes!

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May 16, 2014

FABULOUS IN HIGH HEELS - Better in Stilettos® class!

snakeshoes.jpgDo you have shoes left to die of loneliness in your closet?

Do you lie awake at night wondering where you’ll find heels you can actually walk in and enjoy that big event? That prom? Your daughter’s wedding?

High heels were made to be worn – by YOU!

Would you like it if you could feel pretty, have fun and wear heels, too?


If you EVER wear heels, remember these famous last words!

“If you’re going to wear them, wear them well!”®

Better in Stilettos® is a fun class to learn the secrets for walking in heels of any height.

- 90 minutes that will transform your relationship with SHOES
- Special introductory price, $25
- Space limited! Call for tickets: 650-864-9150

• Sunday, May 18th
• 1:00 – 2:30 pm
• @Cheryl Burke Dance Studio, 1400 No. Shoreline Blvd, Mt. View
Just off 101 and Shoreline Blvd in Mt. View


Bring a pair of low heels...and a pair of "hope" shoes. Start small and grow tall!


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April 11, 2014

Consciousness and Beingness and a Tool to Handle Stress

To all my many of whom come to me lately, stressed out.


We get stressed out and need a way to survive, sometimes even a way to survive success.

Today a student came in, all stressed out from a deadline in a high tech company.
I said, that we all need a way to survive stress. We need tools to deal with it. Otherwise, even if the project comes in under deadline, if there’s nothing left of yourself, after, what’s the point?

I thought about what I would do for myself and shared with him.

What I do is take a walk with my dogs for five minutes

I walk them and feel the sunshine on my back. I feel the air on the skin of my face and I look at my dogs trotting along. They plop down and sit in the grass and look around and it reminds me that there is more going on in life than just what’s inside my own head.

Observing something in nature
just for a moment
really to LOOK

and in that moment of looking, we are pausing….just for a moment

Take just a moment to LOOK. Just notice the twitching that’s going on in his body
and see it happening from inside himself.
Take just a moment to LOOK at it and let it be, notice it’s happening and just WATCH it.

and that LOOKING,
is not reacting but just LOOKING

and in that not reacting we Pause
and have a moment to BE

We are just observing something out in the world – a tree – a bug on the grass – ourselves – just noticing that we have twitches. It’s a message from our body that we’re over doing it. The nervous system can’t keep up and is reacting.

We just observe it
and notice we’re not reacting to the reaction

and at some point, we can notice that we are feeling it and also observing it
and we are the one observing ourselves
and that is Consciousness
being the observer and also being inside ourselves and noticing that we are in both places

and in that moment is a place of peace
it is a place of just being-ness

from that place we grow quiet

and in that quiet we can choose our response

that is the essence of the Alexander Technique

Observing and being the observed and noticing both

And then we can let ourselves Be

send a thought in the body, down the legs into the floor and up along the back out the head into the sky
With opposing directions and space in-between

Space to breathe
Space to unwind
Space to be free.

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March 28, 2014

Dancer Foot Care Clinic/ Better in Stilettos

Come, Dancers, to a Foot Care Clinic!

Sunday, March 30, 1-3 pm
Alonzo King's LINES Dance Center

My friend, Gigi Jensen says this about foot problems:

Fellow Tangueras*

As a teacher, I see women all the time who have foot problems that get in the way of their dance enjoyment. Why? I think the following are contributors:

1.Shoes that lack good support & have too high of heels

2. Dancing with your weight tilted forward leaning on your partner and putting tremendous strain on the balls of your feet

3. Poor posture caused by both incorrect head placement and weak feet


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March 20, 2014

Freeing the Light Within

Hello friends,

Sharing a lovely poem. "Let the whole being be free!"

"Unfettered, let us walk through our days
As reflections to each other
Of what is possible,
Of what it is, when
Love's eyes look upon the world
And see the truth beyond the shadows. "


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March 4, 2014

Coming back to one's Self: Non-judgment, compassion, and the Alexander Technique

My friends,

My friend, Shelley Lundquist, wrote a beautiful perspective on blame vs. compassion:

“When we blame, it's always about us not the other person. When we see flaws in others as opposed to understanding that they are doing the best they can with what they have, we are judging them. When we judge, we leave little room for love and compassion. These are our limitations, not theirs.”

"The fault is in the blamer - Spirit sees nothing to criticize." ~ Rumi ♥♥

She added, “Judgment creates walls. Love tears them down.

When we learn to look through eyes of Love, all we see is a person's magnificence transforming itself anew every single day.”

Staying poised in myself is the most difficult part. After all, it’s easy enough to look at people with love when I’m feeling centered and calm. I can withhold blame. I am able to look outside myself and see that maybe they are tired, or scared. It is not an excuse to shout and scream, but it makes me see they are simply human.

When I'm off balance, it’s much easier to be reactive and upset than calm and compassionate. Especially when it concerns the people to whom I feel closest, it can be very difficult to suspend judgment.

This is the area of life that I'm working to apply Alexander Technique to myself.

Alexander Technique is a way of connecting mind – literally, your thoughts – and your body – so that everything works in harmony. When you’re tense, your muscles tighten. When your muscles are tight, your mind gets tight. Emotions can be tense, too.

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