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Doing my homework today.

Like it, or not, doing it.

Walking in the water, standing up to my neck in water and walking and it’s cold. I’m forcing myself into that pool every day now, or nearly so. Sometimes I get into the hot tub first because strange as it sounds, coming out of the nice, warm water makes it easier to get into the cold.

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See the Alexander Technique in action and how it works.

“It’s really strange that at age 64 I feel better than I did at age 34…” Martin Goldman, D.D.S.

“I got interested in the Alexander Technique because I wanted to feel more at home in my body.” Michele Drivon

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Hello my friends,

Living from the Heart –

Have you ever done this? Are you living this way now? The other day I realized that only now, only at this point in my life, am I really putting my whole heart into what I love, and I want to share that with you. Happiness brings a warm feeling inside that just…wants to reach out and warm other people, too.

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Hello my friend,

Have you ever wanted something but felt paralyzed and can’t seem to bring yourself to take action?

You know the thoughts – oh why did you do that? Why did you eat that muffin after you’ve been so good all day? Why did you stay up too late watching that movie instead of catching up on sleep?