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Dental Hygienists (CDHA) – Learning to Work Pain Free – the Alexander Technique

Hello friends!

I am very happy to share an article in the current Journal for the California Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA).

Click on this link to download the article: Working Pain-Free: The Alexander Technique

Dental hygienists often crouch over people, work under time pressure and are often in pain. This article is about a way of working pain free. Please feel free to read – and share!

Cathy Draper, RDH, MS, and editor of the CDHA Journal, also writes:

“The focus of this issue of the CHDA Journal is pain. Whether you are a clinician, educator or a student, you will find timely information on anesthetic options, techniques and ergonomics to incorporate into your daily practice. Our ability to provide effective pain control can improve the outcomes in the care we deliver and ultimately change the public’s perceptions about oral health and dental treatment. ”

Download the full issue of the current (Summer 2011) CDHA Journal. For your convenience: the article on Alexander technique is on pages 22-23.

With appreciation to my dental hygienist who always provides me with compassionate care, and to all dental hygienists everywhere.

In health,

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